Key of Life Ministries

As for me and my house...We choose life!
 -Joshua 24:15-

Finally! A place where laypeople and serious bible students alike can get training in the things of God by formally trained professionals who love the Word and His people! Our vision is to become a Christian Bible College for Queensland, and all of Australia,where people can get recognized, inter-denominational training for all walks of ministry by qualified teachers. This formal education will include both class work, internship and formal debate sessions to develop your understanding of the Word of God. We aim to work with the local churches, all over Australia, and for this education to be affordable for any church to train their "up and coming pastor" that we will return to them after an immersion in God's word for 3-4 years. 

We will also never forget that the laypeople of the church are the backbone of Christ's body on this earth and they need to stimulate their understanding of His word. "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15. We all need to understand the scriptures and at Christian Workshop, we hold classes both in our location or yours, to small and large groups alike, so that everyone gets the basic teaching of the bible-what is in it, when it was written and by whom. We also offer classes on Church History, Theology and the different positions various denominations hold, and other classes like prayer, covenants, world religion and worship. We aim to not bring unity to the Church, despite our differences, because we all believe Jesus was God in the flesh and that is enough. We recognize our other varying beliefs, and promote that students hold fast to the teachings of their pastors, and are familiar with the different positions in the church body and how they interpret the scriptures.

Our classes are all inclusive, regardless of age, so bring your family to our classes. Your children will be ministered to on their level as you are learning about the Bible, the Church, and Jesus. If you desire to make an appointment with one of our ministers and discuss the possibility of getting involved in any branch of ministry as an "intern minister" (while maintaining your membership in your home church, and the cooperation of your pastor) please talk to us about what you feel God is calling you to do. If we don't currently have a ministry such as you seek, we may be able to help support you as you build it. We aim to  mentor you at every level to find your niche in the Body of Christ. The calling of God is on Australia and the harvest is white! Come be a part of what He is doing to build and knit His church together in unity and watch the beauty of His handiwork unfold!